Custom Die Cutting Services


If you need a product manufactured with a customized die-cut, we are your prototyping partner. We have the experience and expertise to manufacture your product with the highest yield of the raw materials ensuring you the most accurate part at the most competitive price. We will promptly turn around and deliver your die cut product.

We have years of experience manufacturing prototypes for some of the most demanding applications in the world. Our customers often tell us we are their “go to” source for all things related to custom die cuts. They know they can depend on us for prompt turn-around and delivery. If you need a prototype made, is the company to call, we offer Custom Die Cutting Services to the greater Phoenix areas and beyond, contact us.


Plastic Die Cutting Service

There are several different ways to create plastic products, one of which is called “plastic die cutting.” This process involves pushing a piece of plastic against a cutting blade, or set of blades, which cuts the plastic into the desired shape. It’s also possible to use a laser or other special equipment to cut the plastic and still have the part qualify as die cut.

The most common type of die cut is the die cut shape, which refers to using a die to cut the shape of the plastic part out of a larger flat sheet. The shape made out of the die is the shape you would normally see on the packaging of the product.

Plastic die cutting has long been used in the manufacturing industry to cut, shape and machine plastic materials in ways that would otherwise be impossible. The process is relatively inexpensive and produces high quality results, making it the best choice for many applications, including plastic die cutting. Plastic die cutting can be used for virtually any shape or form of plastic, including figurines, toys, signs, packaging, and so much more.

Plastic die cutting machines are used to cut a variety of materials, from paper to plastic, and the cutting surface of a die cutting machine can vary in size, thickness, and even color. However, the most effective machines have a throat that allows for a wide cutting surface, a stroke in the material to be cut, and a force in cutting in the material.

Die Cutting Services Prices

Die cutting is difficult to price. You may often wonder how a company prices your particular job and why. The pricing can be quite simple or complicated depending on the product, quantity, the quantity of tooling, the package you choose, the number of colors or how long it takes to make your job.

Also, depending on what kind of material that you are using. Plastic is less expensive than metal because it is less expensive to tool. The more expensive the material the more expensive the tooling. On top of that what is the size of the job? To get an accurate price (as every job is different), it’s best to directly contact the die cutting professional for a quote.

What is Steel Rule Die Cutting?

The die cutting industry is constantly evolving. Whether it’s the introduction of new materials or methods, or the development of new applications, there are always new ways to die cut. While there is no shortage of ways to die cut, steel rule die cutting is one of the most popular. It’s also one of the most technically demanding processes, requiring a high level of precision in order to avoid distortion.

The material then is pushed through the die cut machine in order to cut through the material. This creates a clean cut with a clean edge. Metal rule die cutting is when the cutting die is made of metal. Steel rule die cutting is when the cutting die is made of steel. The type of material is not important when it comes to die cutting.

The important factor is the amount of pressure it takes to cut through the material. For example, regardless if the die cutting die is made of metal or steel, the amount of pressure required will be the same. This is because the metal or steel die is more durable.

The metal dies can also be used for multiple die cutting jobs without having to be replaced. When using the die cutting tool, you should ensure that it is easily accessible and that it can be repaired easily.