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Destructive Test Dies

We offer steel rule dies as an inexpensive alternative to forged dies or milled dies. We use cutting rule with the hardest Rockwell hardness that is appropriate in order to get the longest life possible. Over a period of use, depending on the material being cut, the rule may become dull. Old dies can be refurbished with new cutting rule and ejection sponge at 2/3 the cost of a new die, if the die board is not damaged. We also sell cutting pads to cut against. We have drawings on file of the most popular ASTM test dies or send us a drawing. We have been making dies such as ASTM laboratory test dies, specimen dies, test dies, tensile testing dies, tear test dies, dog bone dies, and clean room dies. Some have unusual shapes, others are just rectangles, most are 1-up (single cavity) but can be multiple cavity if needed. We have been making destructive test dies here in Phoenix and nationally for many years with customers that are very pleased with the accuracy and quality.