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About Apex Die and Gasket

Apex Die and Gasket has been a name to reckon with in the die cutting industry since it was set up in 1989. We specialize in precision-cut high-quality dies that are used in the production of gaskets for a variety of household and industrial applications. These dies allow the gaskets to meet the high tolerance requirements set by the industries.

The skilled professionals at Apex Die and Gasket are involved in all phases of steel rule dies, right from design to build. We show a lot of care is each of the steel rule dies whose production we undertake, with the mission of creating a die that will in turn create the perfect gasket to meet all the customer’s requirements. Hence you will find that our dies do not have any of the crimped edges or nicks that are sometimes seen in the industry.

Besides the years of experience and our technical expertise in die cutting, what makes our services stand out is our commitment to make the customer perfectly happy. We will sit down with each client and understand the requirements of the die and of the gasket that the die will be used to create. We will then improve upon the design on the die and use the best materials to ensure that its durability. We carry out the design and production of steel rule dies for making gaskets to meet your order. Alternately, we create the die that you need and ship it to you if you prefer to produce your gaskets independently. In both cases, Apex Die and Gasket will give you the best quality dies that give an excellent performance and are really long-lasting.

Industrial applications need the best quality gaskets that meet high tolerances and ensure safe operating conditions. We at Apex Die and Gasket are also proud of our EMI gasket production that meets all the stringent expectations of the medical industry. Entrepreneurs use gaskets in the prototypes of the products that they develop. Our design and consultation services have proved invaluable to them and have boosted the performance of their invention. If you need the best steel rule die cutting for your gaskets, contact us today.

To find out more about what we have to offer please visit About Apex Die and Gasket.

A Look Inside Apex Die and Gasket

We are very proud of the gasket and die cutting services that we have to offer. Many people have asked what our process looks like. That is why we produced a short video showing you our operations. The dies that we produce and the gaskets we produce are developed by highly skilled professionals that go above and beyond to ensure that your gasket product is perfect. See our Apex Video.