Industrial Gaskets

Industrial gaskets are extremely important. They serve to make machinery operate properly and last for a long time. Industrial gaskets can serve the purpose of minimizing vibration between parts of the machine or shielding the different parts from electromagnetic interference. Industrial Gaskets

Apex Die and Gasket has been in the industrial gasket market since 1989. Since then, these companies have relied on the expert advice that we offer. Many times, our advice helps advance the design of the gasket. Once we have determined the design of the gasket, we develop a high quality steel-rule die to cut the gaskets.
Our steel rule dies are constructed with high-quality materials that ensure long die life. We also design steel-rule dies to optimize material yield reducing production costs.

Industrial Gasket Materials

When a company calls and is inquiring about the development of an industrial gasket, we take the extra time to discuss the purpose of the gasket. This research helps us suggest the material that would make a gasket performs perfectly for your application. Are you looking for a gasket that is going to be soft and compress to make a seal between machine parts or are you looking for a gasket that will shield that equipment? Does your gasket require the ability to handle extremely high heat? These considerations are important when determining the material to be used.

To see the wide selection of gasket materials that we have to offer, please visit Apex Die and Gasket Gasket Materials.

Industrial Gasket Services

Using Apex Die and Gasket to produce your industrial gaskets has many benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Professional Gasket and Die Consultations
  • Experienced Steel-Rule Die Manufacture
  • Superior Custom Steel-Rule Dies With High Tolerances
  • Emergency Industrial Gasket Production
  • Production That Optimizes Material YieldHigh-Quality Workmanship

Apex Die and Gasket works with many companies to develop steel rule dies and gaskets including:

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Assembly Companies
  • Machines Shops
  • Material DistributorsOEM Industries

When your company is in need of an industrial gasket, let Apex Die and Gasket professionally design and construct the steel rule dies and help select the materials that are going to perform best for you. Our experience and attention to detail is a benefit to your industrial gasket requirements. In the Phoenix Metropolitan area, call us at 480-894-1112. You can also reach us with any industrial gasket questions through our Contact Us page.