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The mighty neoprene gasket has made its way into our lives in oh, so many ways. Researching the uses of neoprene would require tons of time. The list of uses is vast and covers a wide range of applications. If you are in need of custom neoprene gaskets, you are fully aware of its properties and capabilities. The custom manufacture of neoprene gaskets has reached such a level, that no matter what specialized application it’s for, it can be designed to exact specifications to the highest tolerances.

Neoprene Gaskets

This is the world of quality gasket manufacturing. From the humble beginnings of the amazing rubber tree plant, to the advanced material knows as Neoprene, progress continues to demand expert production and top quality.


Most commonly used as an insulator, this magical substance has come of age from its natural beginnings. It has evolved into an advanced, synthetic, high performance material that is useful in myriad ways. Its resistance properties make it ideal for insulating electrical wires for transporting power to all corners of the world. These unique properties are second to none, that’s why it is always used, and because of that, progress has forged ahead into a great looking future for the venerable neoprene matrix. The cool uses for this stuff include, but are not limited to:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Electrical barrier
  • Sealing
  • Cutting

Sounds simple, right? Cutting has been around for centuries, however, the advanced techniques of today are very specific and can provide exact precision, no matter what the specs are. Again, that you are seeking a neoprene solution, or are looking to increase your inventory of common parts, neoprene seals or sheets, you are already in the know, and what you are really seeking is competitive prices and expert customer service. Since this industry is highly specialized, so is the customer care that is its very foundation. That you don’t live anywhere near Phoenix Arizona is irrelevant; that world class gaskets made of neoprene are expertly cut and fabricated there is. Being world class means that the true professional serves the world and can deliver to the world.


You are here to “seal” the deal. Sealing your seams is serious business. Again, that’s what it’s all about, your need for a unique neoprene seal, like nothing in existence. Your gasket need is singular in the universe, and who’s going to fabricate it to the ridiculous specifications that you demanded, you? Of course not. Your skills are focused on your own business. The supplier, and manufacturer of the neoprene gasket you thought up, are the ones who are going to seal up your machines seams. It’s an elegant, symbiotic relationship between niche product provider and the business entrepreneur.

Sheet Neoprene

You have your own die. You cut your own gaskets. You need the flat bulk neoprene for your process. You know where it is; you know how to get it, and you know that customer service rules the roost. The styles and composition in the neoprene world are many and some of the many top producers such as:

JM Clipper
UTEX Industries

All are available along with many more to meet your needs for neoprene stock.

Apex Excellence

We, at Apex, are dedicated to providing high quality dies and gaskets. These dies and gaskets last a long time and deliver the best performance for your projects. Get the best die and gaskets from Apex.

Our staff of die cutting and gasket experts will gladly talk with you about your needs and provide expert advise. You can also ask us any die cutting or gasket questions that you may have by filling out the contact form provided below. A Apex Die & Gasket professional will get back with you as soon as possible.

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