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Gasket is a commonly known part or rubber tool seals and band that is an important part to almost every appliance. They are typically from continuous roll sheets or molded sheets. Solid rubber gaskets offers a wide hardness range, from 10 – 70 durometer on the scale. The low durometer in gaskets are made up of 10A, 20A, and 30A, and offer excellent environmental sealing with relatively low closure force.
These items range in softness: the most common and widely used durometers available are from a range 40A-80A. Durometers, which test hardness and resistance, have a tolerance that is usually positive or negative. The softness ranges from low to very hard. Most common color manufactured in these silicone bands is the color black.


In addition to the appliance industry, these tools/parts can also be found in the following industries: Electronics industry, Aerospace industry, Material Distributors industry, Assembly Plants industry, Inventors industry, and the OEM Industries. They are useful for many different instances. The material grades often used are Neoprene (Solid or Sponge), EPDM, Urethane, Viton, SBR, Pure Gum, Neoprene (Solid or Sponge). These substances may have many adaptable, desired characteristics.


Solid items at solid temperature are used. These bands are good for heavy water sealing and submersion with a wide durometer range of 10 – 70. Additionally, they feature a wide range of heat and Fahrenheit ranges, UV and ozone resistance, can be die cut or waterjet cut. Available in acrylic or silicone adhesives and can be molded to the shape you need.

There is a customizable manufacturing company located in Phoenix, Arizona known as Apex Die and Gasket, Incorporated. Companies such as these, specialize in customer designing and cutting of only the highest quality tools and equipment since 1989. Known for great service, years of experience, awesome support, happy clients and many positive stories! Operations are completed and developed by highly skilled professionals that ensure every product is perfect.

A large part of their services include to translate your design into an excellent product at a lower cost to you and in little time. They consider this a hassle free process that is targeted to their base. They also strive a world class service and always keep innovation in mind.

It is useful to know the following factors for the right part such as model number, part number, your planned/available budget for installation and other services. In addition to the chemical components of these items, these bands have excellent weathering properties and will not break under any circumstances. This however, can only be achieved with the proper installation, adequate conditions and the right service company to get the job done. Another scientific factor of these bands are the high resistance to ozone fuels, oxygen atmospheres and oils and hydrocarbons. Due to these facts, it can be a beneficial action to add into your equipment, machine or appliance.

Durability is another important factor when choosing the right team for your appliance. Most products are advertised as a best durable hardware choice that is resilient, flexible, tough and versatile. In addition it can be water resistant which is very useful and convenient in almost all of majority of situations that would require this product.


To complete the installation process, you will also need a sealant that will be paired with the item and help to close it in while protecting surrounding elements. This can include hardwood, metal or steel, plastic, artificial surroundings or stone/granite. It is very easy to get mold or other mildew in the surrounding areas which is why it is crucial to have the right heavy-duty sealant to protect your equipment. Using caution in all of these aspects will improve longevity of your new and existing products, inhibit proper maintenance, and encourage consistent follow up on your projects to make sure things work smoothly and the way they were intended to be used or operated.

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