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Custom Gaskets
Custom Gaskets

Steel Rule Die Cutting & Custom Gaskets

by Apex Die & Gasket in Phoenix & Tempe Arizona

Steel Rule Die Cutting

Precision Steel Rule Die Cutting

We specialize in designing and manufacturing steel rule dies. We use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that your dies are made to your specifications and built to last.

"Durability, quality and performance" are hallmarks of everything we produce. That, along with our combined 40 years experience in die cutting and gasket production, allows us to translate your design into an excellent die in less time, with optimal material yield, and at a lower cost to you.

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Custom Gasket Manufacturing

Custom Gasket Manufacturing

Because gaskets are an important aspect of most every appliance or machine we use, quality matters. Apex Die & Gasket has been producing high-quality gaskets for over 20 years. We produce every gasket with steel rule dies at the highest tolerances to ensure that your gasket performs optimally.

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We are very proud of the gasket and die cutting services that we have to offer. Many people have asked what our process looks like. That is why we produced a short video showing you our operations. The dies that we produce and the gaskets we produce are developed by highly skilled professionals that go above and beyond to ensure that your gasket product is perfect.

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