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Find the right die and gaskets in Phoenix to complete all of your important projects. Choose between different materials, shapes and types for your dies and gaskets. Ensure that you have the highest quality dies and gaskets by trusting in an experienced company.

Custom Die and Gaskets

Steel rule dies are custom made, pressed into a plywood base, similar to a cookie cutter. Your customers will expect your products to have the same consistent shapes.

Standard ASTM dies allow you to create the most accepted industry designs. We have an extensive library of ASTM dies, allowing you plenty of flexibility. Plus, these ASTM cutting dies can be connected to most universal testing machines.

We use precision steel die cutting techniques to deliver “Durability, Quality and Performance.” Apex Die & Gasket has been producing high-quality gaskets for over 20 years.


Companies don’t want to continually replace broken dies or gaskets. That is why durability is important.


Apex dies and gaskets give you consistent quality. Superior quality control will keep your customers satisfied.


When you manufacture your products using Apex dies and gaskets, they will perform as expected.

Sealing Gaskets

When you want to seal your engines, machines or equipment, you need high quality gaskets. These allow you to control your thickness, hardness and flexibility.

If you have a special shape to your machine, then hire us to provide you with just the right custom gaskets. Custom gasket manufacturing provides you with a tighter fit. Industrial applications and inventors might prefer custom gaskets. You can choose from the following materials for your gasket:

  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Copper

We, at Apex use die cutting services to manufacture our gaskets. We have 2 decades of experience as high quality gasket manufacturers. We manufacture gaskets for aerospace, art, assembly, electronics, jewelry, machine shops, packaging, material distributors and OEM industries.


Most boiler gaskets can withstand temperatures up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit and 180 psi (the top gaskets can handle temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.) Our boiler gaskets can be used in hot water heaters, steam humidifiers, water softeners and filtering systems.


Plastic gaskets might be more cost-effective because they are easier to manufacture. Choose from EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene monomer) or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) gaskets.

You can find your EPDM gasket at Apex. These have excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, oxygen and heat. Your EPDM gasket is best for outdoor applications, like dust covers and weather stripping.

If you want a gasket that will not melt, then the PTFE gasket might be ideal. PTFE is also known as Teflon and has improved wear resistance, reduced creep and increased stiffness. These PTFE gaskets are used in electrical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratories, petro-chemical and semi-conductor applications.


Rubber gaskets have superior waterproof, temperature and abrasion resistance qualities. Our rubber gasket list includes nitrile, clothe inserted, cork, gum, Hypalon, neoprene, red rubber, silicone and Viton. These gaskets can be constructed in more complicated shapes for more uses.

The rubber cork gasket has a better load transfer than other soft gasket materials, such as paper, felt or rubber. Experts recommend that you use cheap cork gaskets with stamped steel covers because they will seal better. Cork creates a tighter seal because it conforms to the shape of the product.

A rubber neoprene gasket can function in a wide temperature range from -30 degrees to +220 degrees Fahrenheit. The neoprene gasket can be used in petrochemical, oil & gas, utility, compressor and steel mill applications. It is also resistant to damage from ozone, heat, sunlight, twisting and flexing.

The nitrile gasket uses a rubber elastomer. Its properties include resistance to compression set, tear and abrasion. The nitrile gasket is used in the aerospace, defense and petrochemicals industries and has a temperate range of -40 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The silicone gasket can be easily modified to add the desired tensile, abrasion, tear and cut growth properties. Because the silicone gasket is odorless and tasteless, it is preferred in the food processing and surgical industries. Silicone has a high temperature range from -94 degrees to +392 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Viton gasket is made of fluorinated hydrocarbon. The Viton gasket can be used in applications where acid, chemical, fire, high temperature and oil damage is prevalent. These gaskets might not work as well in low temperature applications.


Copper gaskets have superior conductivity, elasticity and tensile strength (approximately 32,000 psi). They can handle higher temperatures. Artists also love the beauty of copper gaskets made by Apex.

Apex Excellence

We, at Apex, are dedicated to providing high quality dies and gaskets. These dies and gaskets last a long time and deliver the best performance for your projects. Get the best die and gaskets from Apex.

Our staff of die cutting and gasket experts will gladly talk with you about your needs and provide expert advise. You can also ask us any die cutting or gasket questions that you may have by filling out the contact form provided below. A Apex Die & Gasket professional will get back with you as soon as possible.

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