Gaskets are everywhere in our daily lives. They are placed between parts of most every appliance or machine that we have. They are also in the machines that produce the items that we have in our homes. Gaskets are very important as they provide vibration protection, electromagnetic shielding or spacing in equipment. Gaskets provide a perfect seal between parts of a machine that have a less than perfect fit. Gaskets by Apex Die and Gasket

Apex Die and Gasket has many years of experience with gasket production and understands the materials that are available to develop high-quality gaskets. With each client that we are developing gaskets for, we take the time to discuss the exact application that they are going to use the gasket for. After we gather that information, we suggest materials that will solve the concerns that they have. Our goal at Apex Die and Gasket is to develop a gasket that is going to meet or exceed the requirements that you have.

Gasket Materials

Here are some of the most common gasket materials that we work with at Apex Die and Gasket:

Copper – Copper is a material that we are asked to work with a lot. Many artists have used the services of Apex Die and Gasket to develop consistent, high-quality pieces for projects. To get more information on this type of gasket, please visit Apex Die and Gasket Copper Gaskets.

Rubber – There are a great number of rubber products that we work with at Apex Die and Gasket. Some of the rubber products that we work with include Neoprene, EPDM, Urethane, Viton, Pure Gum and Silicone to name a few. Visit Apex Die and Gasket Rubber Gaskets to get more information.

Plastic – Plastics are a very common material from which we develop gaskets. Some of the plastic materials that we work with include ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PVC, Styrene, Vinyl and Polymide Film. To get more information about this product, please visit Apex Die and Gasket Plastic Gaskets.

No matter the material needed to develop a gasket, Apex Die and Gasket can produce a high-quality product and produce it with steel-rule dies. Our gasket tolerances are the highest possible. Combining a steel-rule die with the appropriate material will produce a gasket that will meet your gasket needs.

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