Medical Gaskets

The development of gaskets for the medical industry requires high-quality steel rule die cutting control standards. It also requires forward thinking to meet the rigid and ever-evolving standards that are needed. Apex Die and Gasket has many years of experience in the field of medical die cutting and gasket production.

One of the most common requirements for medical devices and equipment is protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Sensitivity of instruments require this shielding to provide accurate readings for medical treatments.

Apex Die and Gasket has many years of experience in the development of dies that meet or exceed the requirements necessary to produce medical equipment quality gaskets. We take a very “hands on” approach to the goal of each medical gasket that we develop. We get to know the purpose of the gasket to be developed, consider the materials that will best serve the equipment and develop the proper die to produce the gasket. Tolerances and performance are paramount when developing the die in which to produce the gaskets. We also take into consideration all regulatory requirements necessary for medical gaskets. If we feel that there is a better opportunity to improve on the design of a gasket in order to make it perform better, we will discuss this with you. Our goal is to develop the optimal medical gasket for your medical equipment.

Medical Gasket Materials

Medical gaskets are very specialized. Each one of them serves a very specific purpose. Electromagnetic interference shielding is a common task of a medical gasket. At Apex Die and Gasket, we have many different materials available to develop medical gaskets from. We work with each customer to understand the exact requirements that the gasket will have to perform. Only then will we look for the material that will succeed at making the gasket work.

To see some of the materials that we work with to create gaskets, please visit Gasket Materials.

Medical Gasket Die Cutting

Depending on the type of gasket desired and the type of material used, we will select the die characteristics that will serve the purpose best. Great care is given to the development of the die. A steel rule die will be designed to maintain uniformity with strict tolerances in mind. The die will also be designed to minimize waste of materials thus lowering production costs.

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The development of medical gaskets is very complicated. Let Apex Die and Gasket use their many years of experience in medical gasket development to help you today. To learn more about the medical gasket services that Apex Die and Gasket has to offer, call us in the Metropolitan Phoenix area at 480-894-1112. Our professional staff will be glad to help you with your medical gasket needs. You can also reach us with any medical gasket questions through our Contact Us page